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About Exide Care

As the leading battery brand in the country for over 75 years, Exide has always focused on putting you, the customer, first. Manufacturing quality products and giving the best in service, availability and accessibility, Exide has always tried to make your life simpler, easier and better with everything it offers. Offering the widest variety of high-performance batteries and a full range of services at all its Exide Care outlets, Exide has forever been the most trusted brand in the category. This ever-increasing network of Exide Care outlets across the country ensure a smart and safe retail experience in this new normal.
The address of this dealer is ଗ୍ରୁପ୍ ୩୭ଙ୍କ କମରା, ନିକଳ ଆଦିସୁକଣ୍ଣ ସୁପରମାର୍କ୍ୟ, ବୀର୍ଭମ, ସୁରି, ପশ୍ଚିମ ବଙ୍ଗ.

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  • kabirul Islam
    Posted on: 08-10-2022
    • 5

    Good service and good behavior.

  • Md Miraj Hossain
    Posted on: 07-03-2022
    • 5

    One of the best place to find your Home or commercial Inverter and Battery. I am also assistant manager here I could help you by providing the technical technical knowledge of inverter car batteries UPS so on

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